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Economic Development

The village of Royal is a member of the CORE Economic Development Group. CORE Development Inc. consists of the communities of Clearwater, Orchard, Royal, Ewing, Page and Inman. As with many Nebraska locations, Royal's hard working, productive workforce is an asset to local industry.

Major employers in the area include:

Premium Farms
   Hog Confinements
   Myron Lowler
   (402) 887-4163

Morrison Farms
    (402) 887-5335

Cedar Hill
Long Pine Hog Confinement

   Pat Meuret
   (402) 842-2515

O & W Dairy Farm, Inc.
   (402) 893-3495

Central Valley Ag
   Royal Hub
   (402) 336-4177

Economic & Demographic Data:

For further economic development information, visit the following Web sites:

Additional economic and demographic data for Royal and the surrounding area:

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