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Royal has a strong and proud history of service to God and community. The Royal congregation began with Sunday school and church services held in a sod school house in the 1880s. The United Methodist Church, located at 403 Fremont Street, and parsonage dates back to 1891. In 2007, the church closed due to declining members. Both the parsonage and church have been sold for private use.


The Royal Economic Development Corporation actively promotes the village of Royal to prospective businesses interested in locating to Royal and also assists and supports newly opened and established businesses. REDC helps the village of Royal wherever there is a need. They have donated two shelters and a restroom facility to the park and have also donated to the cemetery association for needs there. In 2003, all money raised will be donated to the Royal Volunteer Fire Department to help purchase a newer fire truck. All proceeds raised by the REDC are used back in our community. REDC supports CORE and continues to help make it a success! For more information, please contact Myron Hergert at (402) 893-3642.

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